Kitchen Renovations

Some Hints When Choosing a Kitchen Backsplash

The backsplash serves to unify your cabinetry and appliances. Its importance should not be underestimated. Measure and multiply the height by the width of the area to determine the amount of tile you will need and add an extra 10% of tile to be safe.

The eye is naturally drawn to two areas in the kitchen, the space above the range and above the sink, those are the areas to concentrate unique designs.

Tile is still the most popular for backsplashes. Glass is beautiful, but not budget friendly. Natural stone is visually striking and ceramic is durable, easy to clean and low cost.

Ceramic vs porcelain, they look similar but one is stronger. Both made from clay, porcelain is denser and more durable against damage and moisture.

Different tile materials have different sealing needs. Natural tile like granite, marble and slate need to be resealed once a year.

Invest in a good grout, colour and pattern come and go but the grout is the backbone of your backsplash.

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