Kitchen Dynamics

Suggestions on how to warm up a Contemporary Kitchen

1: Introduce wood for organic warmth: Once you’ve planned the basic shapes for your contemporary kitchen, you might consider warming up your kitchen by introducing wood.

You can choose from a variety of colours and types of wood, since all wood is considered warm, but select wood with straight grain lines can work well in a contemporary kitchen.

Another alternative to warm up your kitchen is to select a wood floor. The second biggest feature in a kitchen, after the cabinets, is the floor. A kitchen that employs both techniques, wood floors and wood cabinets, could show a classic contemporary look with slab-front cabinets, simple bar pulls and a sleek faucet.

2: Bring warmth through colour: Warm colours in the tile backsplash. Oranges, reds and golds are considered the warmer colours and they can be used to warm up a space.

If you want a more personal touch, you could choose an accent colour for the wall paint or the backsplash, You could go with a bold or a bright colour something to give it a pop. Just be sure that whatever accent colour you choose has warm undertones.

You can bring warmth into a kitchen even if you prefer to disregard both wood and overtly warm colours Gray is very popular right now, but one thing that homeowners do is paint the wrong gray. Choose a warm gray, closer to a brown tone than the cooler gray tones.”

3: Add texture: Another way to add warmth and richness to a kitchen space is through the use of textured materials within a neutral palette.

4: Create depth in your design: This is a more advanced strategy, and one you might want to get a kitchen designer to help you with. The idea is that the design details can give your kitchen warmth, but warmth is not always a colour thing; it’s also about the depth of a design. An example, take a bright white kitchen, and use tile or stone for the backsplash and countertops, and you have depth.

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